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Book II!

Ahoy, me hearties!

Book II of The Adventures of Damnation Kane is out! Complete, and available for purchase through (It’s like Amazon used to be back when Amazon sold books and wasn’t evil).

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Cover art by Toni DeBiasi, of course. Find her work here.

Buy it here!

If you are interested in a signed copy, I have several books on hand; I was going to be selling from a booth at the Tucson Festival of Books again this year, since last year with Volume I went so well; but alas, the event was canceled. So I have many copies. Please comment here or contact me through the Damnation Facebook page here if you’d like me to sign and send you one. What better activity could there be for the next few weeks and months of self-quarantine than reading about pirates?!?

I’d like to make a request. We all need to do the right thing here; while there are several areas that may be questionable as to what the right thing is — go to work? Go see relatives? Buy extra food and supplies? — there are two things that shouldn’t be any question at all. One is social distancing to the greatest extent you can, for as long as you can sustain it. That’s a given: and while the details may be up for debate, the basic idea is not. Do the best you can. Everyone, quite literally everyone, is counting on you.

The other is to please support the makers and crafters and creatives you know. (Don’t worry about me; I have a full-time job and I will still be getting my paychecks [I think?]) My wife, who is an incredible artist just starting to gain some headway as an independent creative, is suddenly looking at the total shutdown of her available markets. She’s not alone. All of the unique self-made, self-driven artists and artisans that are fighting every day to make a living by making beauty and wonder for us are in trouble twice: first because they are just as vulnerable as the rest of us to getting sick, and second because their businesses are in critical danger. So if you can — and of course money is going to be desperately tight, and if your income is also at risk, please don’t think that you have to hurt yourself to help someone else (Though maybe you can help advertise, spread the word, encourage others to buy?) — please, please, find someone who makes something beautiful and buy it from them. As often as you can, for as long as you can, please make your birthday gifts and holiday gifts for those you love gifts  for creators as well. Give the gift of art. Please try to help make sure that we don’t lose what we have.

And if it’s not too selfish, please take a look at my wife’s work and see if there is anything you want to own, or to give to someone else. Thanks.

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No photo description available.

You can buy prints here.


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