Damnation Kane is an idea I had after reading a little of Adrian’s Undead Diary, a longtime serial based on the diary of a zombie apocalypse survivor. I loved the idea of an online serial fiction piece, and so I thought I should do my own.  But naturally, I would not write about zombies: I would write about the thing that has come to captivate so much of my imagination over the last few years.  Pirates.

I plan to post a new Damnation chapter every Saturday morning, between 8:00 and 12:00.  There will also be sub-stories involving related characters, Damnation’s crew and others they may meet along the way.  I will also be taking suggestions and ideas from any comments that people choose to leave, so if you have anything to say about Damnation or the story or pirates in general, have at it!

The illustrations for this blog will all be provided by my wife, the lovely and talented Toni DeBiasi.  Check out her work here, or follow her on Instagram.

As for me, I am a humble Language Arts teacher residing in southern Arizona.  I just hope people like the story.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. What a great idea! I’m hooked and looking forward to Saturday mornings. All the best, Terri

    • Thanks so much! And may I say my wife and I are inspired and admiring of your marriage-adventure. We’re planning on finding our own way into traveling the world, so we’re enjoying reading your blog, as well.

  2. How good to have my faith in real educators renewed just by discovering that you, sir, are out there writing, as well as teaching the most valuable skill possible to young minds. Long ago, I wanted to be a teacher of this beautiful language, but my life went in other directions. Your writing style is just astoundingly readable, which was what I aimed for in my first two practice books, Tools of the Trade and Tools of the Earth. Didn’t know exactly what I was doing then; it’s a pleasure to read the work of someone who definitely does — and best of all, a real working teacher. A salute to you from a reader and admirer in Dufur ORegone, and thanks for improving my Sunday at 11:11 AM.

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